War Stories Table of Contents



We’re pleased to announce the final table of contents for War Stories! The anthology is now in the hands of our publisher, Apex Books, who’re currently getting the book ready for printing.

Here’s the contents:

  • Foreward, Gregory Drobny
  • Graves, Joe Haldeman

Part 1: Systems

  • In The Loop, Ken Liu
  • Ghost Girl, Rich Larson
  • The Radio, Susan Jane Bigelow
  • Contractual Obligation, James Cambias
  • The Wasp Keepers, Mark Jacobsen
  • Non­Standard Deviation, Richard Dansky

Part 2: Combat

  • All You Need, Mike Sizemore
  • Valkyrie, Maurice Broaddus
  • One Million Lira, Thoraiya Dyer
  • Invincible, Jay Posey
  • Light and Shadow, Linda Nagata

Part 3: Armored

  • Warhosts, Yoon Ha Lee
  • Suits, James Sutter
  • Mission. Suit. Self., Jake Kerr
  • In Loco, Carlos Orsi

Part 4: Aftermath

  • War Dog, Mike Barretta
  • Coming Home, Janine Spendlove
  • Where We Would End a War, F. Brett Cox
  • Black Butterfly, T.C McCarthy
  • Always the Stars and the Void Between, Nerine Dorman
  • Enemy States, Karin Lowachee
  • War 3.01, Keith Brooke

Updates on Submissions

I just wanted to update folks who are still waiting to hear back from us: we still have your stories, and if you haven’t heard from us yet, yours is still under consideration. We have a bunch that we’re still going through (you didn’t make it easy for us!), and it’s turning out to be a little slower than we predicted. At the same time, we’re working on getting edits out to authors whom we have accepted.

So, stand by, we should be clear of everything by the end of the year.



Good morning! We’re standing at 104% funded. Thank you to ALL of our backers who got us to this point. If you were holding back at all due to the uncertain nature of Kickstarters, rest assured that you will now get a copy of War Stories!

We’re hoping to hit a couple of goals in the next 30 hours: we’d like to hit $13,000 as an overall goal. This will allow us to expand the book’s table of contents to include some of the incredible stories that we’ve been getting. It’s not over just yet, but help us make this book even better! Pledge, tell your friends and join up!


Final Days

The War Stories campaign is coming to a close, and we’re coming very, very close to hitting our goal a little early. As it stand right now, we’re at 93% funded, with another $640 needed to hit our goal of $10,000.

We’ve had a lot of people retweeting, facebooking, and otherwise boosting the signal, and to everyone who’s done that, we’re very appreciative!

We do have a couple of stretch goals that we would love to hit. At $12,000, we’ll add in some additional interior art, breaking the stories up into sections, with some art that corresponds to each section. At $13,000, we’ll be able to add on an additional 20,000 words of fiction, 20% of the book. We’ve gotten in an incredible number of stories, and there’s just no way that we can take them all, and this is one way in which we’ll be able to make the book even better.

So, if you haven’t already, pledge, and help make this happen! 

New Backer Level – 3 eBook package!

We’re now offering a new level: Communications Sergeant, which bundles together three ebooks: War Stories and both volumes of the Apex Book of World SF, for $30!

Communications Sergeant – You will be issued (1) DRM-Free copy of the War Stories eBook, (1) DRM-Free eBook of ‘The Apex Book of World SF, Vol. 1 and (1) DRM-Free eBook of ‘The Apex Book of World SF, Vol. 2, both edited by Lavie Tidhar. Your name will also be noted on the website Contributor Roster and you’ll be included in all future updates from HQ.

Pledge here.