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About Owning Fallow Parrotlets

Keeping a bird or birds in your home can bring much joy. However, there are many species to choose from. All these birds have unique personalities and characteristics. Some of these birds are affectionate and many have the ability to imitate words and sounds, while others have beautiful voices when they sing.

Most of the bird-lovers will have their favorites, whether they are chosen for their talking abilities, singing, size or other special talents. But there are certain individuals who really enjoy the individuality of the rare species and the Fallow Parrotlet happen to be one of these rare breeds.

One of the initial Parrotlet that appeared with these color mutations happened to be the Pacific Parrotlet. This bird was a golden-green bird that featured red eyes. For those who are not bird enthusiasts or bird owners, Fallow Parrotlets is the Parrotlet type that comes about due to special breeding and mutations and comes in an array of unique colorful markings that are not common with the ordinary parrotlets. This breed is also well known for the red eyes and a few will have deep ruby-colored eyes.

The male Fallow Parrotlets feature yellow faces along with cobalt-blue markings. The females typical to most of the birds have less-colorful markings. Fallow mutations are derived from the recessive gene and produces very interesting markings.

Some of the Fallow Parrotlets for sale include the following:

Dilute Turquoise Fallows

Cobalt Cinnamon Fallow Pied Misty ( An extremely rare species)

White Fallow Turquoise Pied

Blue Fallow Turquoise Pied

White Pied Fallow

Yellow Fallow

White Fallow

Turquoise Fallow

Green Fallow

Most people enjoy parrotlets due to the similar character and temperament as the larger Parrots. However, the parrotlets are far more manageable and there is far less-waste that will need to be cleaned up. One of the best benefits of the parrotlets that differ from the traditional Parrots would be that they do not make the squawking sound that the Parrots do. This is an extremely good reason as to why people prefer this particular species. This is so true for so many bird owners who have owned a noisy and unmanageable Parrot.

For those bird lovers that would like to buy a parrotlet for sale and own one these truly unique birds, the fallow parrotlet is an extremely exotic Parrotlet that is easy to bond with. This species can easily learn tricks and how to talk as well as being a fantastic companion. With the right intentions the right species has the ability to bring about much amusement and joy into the lives of the owners. Owning a bird with the unique markings found on the rare Fallow parrotlets is an added pleasure for those pet owners looking for a companion or for the novice type breeder. In addition, this breed is an excellent choice for serious breeders as well as the collectors of the rare parrotlets. This particular breed can be found with reputable breeders that take the time necessary to breed these mutations and know what is necessary to produce these markings.


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