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Does Your Weight Affect Your Singing Voice?

Off and on, people who are really into singing are fighting with the question in their heads are fat people better singers or slim? If you have also been getting bugged by this question at some time, do not consider yourself alone. When you hear two people singing the same song but one singer is slimmer and the other is a bit obese, you are forced into thinking that there has to be a connection between body weight and voice. In simple words, there is a connection between your body weight and sound, but it is not as significant as you might imagine.

According to the researches, when your body weight increases it results in the increase of feminine hormones. What this means is that when a man gets fat he is accumulating female hormones in the body. Hormones have a direct impact on how you sound. Therefore, when men get fat they tend to have a more feminine voice. Their vocals are not deep and there is a woman-like feeling in their voice. On the other hand, the effect of weight gain is completely different. With the increase in body weight, your female hormones increase greatly but there is a slight increase in male hormones as well.

It has been observed that the increase in female hormones does not affect women much but the slight increase in male hormones results in making their voice a bit man-like. So, when a woman is overweight you can expect her to sing with deeper vocals and a more manly voice. It does not mean in any way that if you keep losing weight your voice will continue to get better. At a certain point you will start to lose the power of your vocal system and voice. Therefore, you should only be a fit and healthy person.

Overweight and obesity has more effect on your voice in a different way. When you have a lot of weight on your body the layer between your skin and internal organs is getting thicker. This means your body organs have small space to fit in. Consequently, you are not able to hold enough breath in your lungs resulting in short breaths while singing. A little movement of the body also throws you out of breath. All in all, it is important that you maintain good health and stay as far away from obesity as possible.

Even if you have somehow managed to control your breath despite your obesity, you would be one of those singers who have to do the whole concert standing in one place. Its not that impressive. While you are preparing to become a great singer and rule the world with your voice, make sure you give equal attention to your health as well. For having more control of your voice and breath, you should go for some online vocal lessons. Your trainer can best guide you on how you can sound great and what it is that you need to get rid of to avoid sounding bad.


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