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The Facts Behind Bamboo Fiber

The reason as to why bamboo has made a definite impact through the fashion industry is due to its gentle and flowing drape, smooth hand, luxurious softness and affordable price when compared to fabrics such as cashmere and silk. But the real reason as to why bamboo has become increasingly popular is because it is now known as a sustainable eco-fabric.

Growing bamboo can be regarded as a highly beneficial plant in relation to the planet and the majority is organic, natural bamboo. However, the manufacturing processes that involve turning the bamboo plant into a bamboo fabric is where the eco-friendly luster and sustainability of bamboo becomes tarnished. This is due to the chemicals that are used that are in some cases toxic.

Bamboo is botanically classified as a type of grass and could be the most sustainable-resource worldwide. This fast growing grass is able to grow to a yard in just a day and reaches maturity very quickly and can be harvested within four years. In addition, this plant does not need to be replanted after the harvesting process due to the extensive root network that continues to sprout shoots. This plant pulls in greenhouse gases and sunlight and converts this into new green-growth. Bamboo has the ability to complete this process in a natural way without the requirement for poisonous fertilizers and pesticides or petroleum-guzzling tractors.

Bamboo fiber that is chemically manufactured is known as a regenerated cellulose-fiber that can be compared to modal or rayon. In some cases this chemically-manufactured bamboo can be called bamboo rayon due to the similarities of the manufacturing process and how it feels to the hand.

The majority of bamboo fabric known as the latest eco-fashion craze has been chemically manufactured. This process entails cooking"the woody shoots and leaves of the bamboo plant in a chemical solvent such as lye or caustic soda along with carbon disulfide to produce a process called hydrolysis alkanization that is then combined with what is known as multi-phase bleaching.

Both carbon disulfide and sodium hydroxide are linked to serious types of health conditions. Breathing in lowered levels of carbon-disulfide causes tiredness, nerve damage and headaches. Growing bamboo is an environmentally friendly practice, but the manufacturing process of bamboo into a fabric includes health and environmental concerns. However, improvements are on the way and there are gentler and safer methods now used to produce bamboo into a fabric, such as those used by some Australian sock manufacturers.

Teaching Your Dog How To Behave Properly

Training your dog is an absolute necessity, there is no doubt about that; but how can you do it and enjoy it? Please read on for some very valuable information and advice on how to make dog training easier and a more successful endeavor for you! Soon you will have a smarter and better behaving dog and the two of you will be much happier for it!

Sometimes it may be necessary to physically establish yourself as the Alpha in the pack. If your animal is being aggressive to another animal or a person, hold them by the scruff of the neck and put them in a prone position on the ground firmly, not violently. This lets your dog know you are in charge and exhibits behavior they would expect from another dog.

Negative methods of training your dog don't work. Just as with humans, positive reinforcement of behaviors is much more effective. Use praise, treats and play time to show your dog that you are pleased with their performance. If he cannot do what you are asking him, do not punish him or yell at him. He will associate trying to do the task with negativity and will avoid the task even harder the next time.

Do not train your dog through fear of physical punishment. Teaching your dog to respect your commands and dominance will create a healthy and stable pet. Dogs learn to respect the pack leader in the wild by being dominated, not attacked. Physical punishment can lead to an irrational and often violent pet.

Properly trained dogs can be taught to regard their crate as a place of safety. When possible always keep the crate in a central location so that the dog learns to understand that it is there and available all the time. He will begin to seek it out when he is tired and even when he is scared and seeking comfort.

After each training session, spend a few minutes playing your dogs favorite game with him. If you do this every time, your dog will know it's coming after the training sessions and will be excited when it comes time for your daily session. The more excited he is, the better he'll do.

When you are working on dog training, make sure that you are providing him or her with the right balance of food. Imagine if you were eating foods such as turkey or sugar while you are trying to learn, as you can see it would definitely have an influence on your attention factor. The same principles apply to dog training. Stick with foods that will compliment your dog's natural ability to learn.

Always treat a dog after completing tasks. It is important for the dog to realize when he exhibits the proper behavior in response to your commands. You need to do this because your dog must know what they can and cannot do.

Teaching your dog to not tug and pull when on his leash is an important part of his training. This will help to keep both of you safe while taking walks.

To teach your dog to sit, gently push down on his behind as you give the verbal command "Sit!" and make a hand gesture with your palm facing down. Each time your dog sits successfully, even if you have to help him out, give him a treat and praise him. It is important that your dog know how to sit so that you can build on this command and eventually teach him to "Stay!"

If you have a dog that begs, the easiest way to train them from this behavior might be to simply remove the dog from the situation. Shutting the dog out of the room at mealtimes keeps them from pestering you while you eat, and removes the temptation for you to give in to that cute face.

Dog Training advice

You will manage to train your dog if you plan a certain amount of time every day repeating orders. A regular, consistent training program will make it easier for a dog to learn. Taking the time to bond with your dog will prove to him or her that you are worthy of their love and loyalty. Both of these characteristics are highly desirable as the alpha in the relationship.

Dog Trainer

When looking to hire a dog trainer, finding someone who uses positive training techniques can be very beneficial. Your dog will respond better to praises, treats, and encouragement than to physical or mental agitation. Negative training methods can be very ineffective and cause harm to the animal as well.

After reading this article you should be a little more prepared to tackle the task of training your dog. Take the tips and tricks you have learned from this article and apply them to a basic routine that is the same every time you work with your dog. Although it may not be the easiest task in the world, training your dog is of great benefit to him, everyone he comes in contact with and more importantly it will really enable you to enjoy life more too!